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Mas Corbières

    30 years ago, we fell in love with this little typical Cévenol paradise. Perched 600 m above sea level, in the Cevennes National Park, Mas Corbières was still inhabited by three Cévenol farmers, the Liron’s brothers. We began by rebuilding and welcoming hikers in the Lauze cottage. Year after year we built our own house and developed some activities around welcoming hiking customers, hiking with our donkeys and breeding donkeys originating from Provence.

    Currently, Mas Corbières is inhabited by several families and the cultivated terrasses done so for hundreds of years, continue to flourish season after season to offer you an authentic, warmhearted and family adapted place.


    Our year turns around different professional activities :
    Welcoming guests
    Donkey breedings
    Hiking with donkeys
    Setting up your hikes around our cottages
    The veggie garden to feed you and us with fresh food
    The chestnuts for our jams
    The blueberry production for jams and to sell
    The orchard
    Chickens recycle our green leftovers to give us fresh eggs
    Sheep maintain terrasses and bring manure for the veggie garden.


    Our way of life is respectful of the environment in every aspect :biodegradable cleaning products, preparation of meals from our own veggies and local products, minimum soil plowing, selective sorting of waste… With a permanent evolution in that direction.

    We worked very early with a circle of other farmers and Cevenol people. It allows us to offer you a lot of welcoming places.


    Both Mountain guides, we organize and guide hikes with or without donkeys, roaming through or staying at Mas Corbières.
    All the hikes will be adapted to your wishes, for families with young children or as habitual hikers. The Cevennes and our knowledge of the countryside offer a nice variaty of routes in many different landscapes.

    The wish to work with a network was acheived by joining the FNAR (Donkey and Hiking Federation), Ecotourism Cevennes, Econeighbors and Esprit Parc National (National Park Spirit).

The day before your departure or at the end of the hike the cottages of the Mas Corbières welcome you in a remarkable site ....

In the company of one or more donkeys, between adults, with the family, you go alone or accompanied by a guide ...

We have been breeders for 30 years in this hamlet of the Cèvennes National Park. The "Ane de Provence" breed has been acknowledged since 1995...

federation nationale anes et randonnees

Esprit Parcs Nationaux - Parc National des Cevennes

ancv Chèques Vacances

Cèvennes Ecotourisme