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Transhumance draille & north valley of the Aigoual Mount

A 7 to 10 days of cross-country trek

The Jonte, Trevezel and Dourbies gorges, Méjan and Comeiras causses.

This itinerary is for people used to walking because if you choose to do it in 7 , there are two long days.

Over 8 or 10 days this itinerary is possible for everyone. We cut a few days in two, it is also possible to take a break if you take 10 days.

The journey is between 800 and 1200 meters above sea level, the highest point being on the Aigoual Mount 1570 meters above the sea.

The Itinerary extends over a large wild landscape in the heart of Cevennes National Parc, we discover various mountain ridges, causses and valleys.


Alternating between wooded areas, heatlands surrounding the Mount Aigoual granite blocs.

The coolness of the valleys will welcome you for amazing swims in the rivers.

A thirty kilometer truck ride will bring you back to Mas Corbières.

Welcomed in cottages or guest houses. Meals and river swims are available.


In 7 days:
. 4H walk on day 1.
. 3H 30 walk on day 2.
. 6H walk on days 3 and 6, rest time not included.
. 5H walk on days 4 and 7, rest time not included.

For an overview:
IGN map of the Cèvennes National Park..

For the walk:
IGN Top 25 2741 ET "ST Hippolyte du Fort" maps
IGN Top 25 2641 ET"Mount Aigoual" maps

For more details or to receive the technical sheet of the hike contact us.
Stay at
the Mas Corbières

Stay at the Mas Corbières

To take a break, take your time. A short stay that combines rest and walks at your convenience…

Transhumance Draille &
Liron Mountain

Transhumance draille & Liron Mountain

Tracking on the paths of transhumance, in an open landscape on all the Cevennes valleys...

Hérault's valley &
small Cévenoles valleys

Hérault's valley & small Cévenoles valleys

Varied landscapes of ridges and valleys to the foothills of the Lingas massif, more at higher altitudes...

Hérault’s valley by
The Aigoual Mount

Hérault’s valley by the Aigoual Mount

The route is between 500 to 1200 meters above sea level. Highest point: Mount Aigoual 1570m...

Transhumance draille & north
valley of the Aigoual Mount

valley of the Aigoual Mount

Crossing the gorges of the Jonte, Dourbie and Trévezel, Causses Méjean and Comeiras...

The Big

The big Adventures

The biggest route connects the Aigoual Massif through the Jonte, Trévezel and Dourbie gorges...

The day before your departure or at the end of the hike the cottages of the Mas Corbières welcome you in a remarkable site ....

In the company of one or more donkeys, between adults, with the family, you go alone or accompanied by a guide ...

We have been breeders for 30 years in this hamlet of the Cèvennes National Park. The "Ane de Provence" breed has been acknowledged since 1995...

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