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Practical information
Welcome to the Mas Corbières
    You arrive the day before your hike, in this way, you will have the time to prepare your luggage, to look at the itinerary with us and meet your donkey.
    You are welcomed at the Corbières as of 4H30 pm
Hiking choices
    We offer different itineraries, look carefully at the routes to choose the best hike for you and your children's abilities.
    We are always available to advise you.
    There are hiking departures every day of the week.
    You will appreciate this big wild space with an exceptional diversity in landscapes through the Cevennes National Park..
    We are located in a mid-mountain range
    The itinerary is between 500 to 900 meters above sea level for the Liron Mountain Tour,
    between 500 to 1200meters above sea level for the Hérault valley tour..
    Your itinerary will be highlighted on your map and we will take the necessary time with you to present it, a descriptive sheet for each point will allow you the opportunity to enjoy your hike with some landmarks : a shaddy stop, a nice point of view…
    It is necessary to know how to orient oneself and to be able to read a 1/25000th map.
    The small leading guide for the donkey will allow you to remember the departure advice.
Accomodation and meals
    The reception varies as follows:

    Most of the time, you stay in small, comfortable family units,
    on a farm or with the inhabitant, exceptionally in a dormitory, we explain all of this to you,
    you can also choose to be in a bed and breakfast if you wish.

    In bed and breakfast or at the hostel:
    Room with bathroom, sheets provided; children are often in the same room
    as their parents, otherwise you have to ask for 2 rooms.
At each stayover
    You will be expected and your donkey will find its reserved space and food.
    Everyone will welcome you at his home with his personality.

    A drink in the sun, meals, will be the opportunity for warm and true encounters around a well-stocked table.
    You will enjoy hearty, quality meals, prepared with farm products or local products.
    Everyone is concerned that meals be appreciated by young and old alike.

    Picnics: composed of various salads (we ask you to bring some waterproof boxes),
    cold meats, cheeses, fruits, desserts.
The donkeys
    They are used during the hikes and leading them quickly becomes easy even with 2 or 3 donkeys.
    Docile and intelligent, the donkey is also a real companion for his new friends.
    A donkey can carry a 35 kg load, that is the luggage of 3 to 4 people in lodging with the meals.

    Can a child ride on the donkey? It will be necessary to count his weight in the load and to reduce that of the luggage in consequence.

    Do you have multiple children under 8 years old? : an extra donkey for the children would be necessary.
The equipment to take with you
    Thank you for limiting the weight of your luggage, from experience we know that we often carry too many unnecessary things.
    You can, if you wish, leave some stuff at the Mas Corbières.

    Please, do not forget :

    • Two large backpacks or travel bags of the same size that will be hung on the donkey
    • A small backpack for your personal belongings of the day
    • A gourd (2 liters minimum per person in summer)
    • A pair of sunglasses
    • A hat and sunscreen
    • A knife and a flashlight
    • A light personal pharmacy ("Elastoplast" roll, double skin, Aspirin or child Doliprane, antiseptic)
    • An anti-mosquito product (organic)
    • A windbreaker or light rain cape
    • Shorts, T-shirts, a sweater for evenings
    • A helmet (horse or bike) recommended for the child riding on the donkey
    • A sleeping bag (useful in the spring) or a sewn sheet, sufficient in summer. The cottages provide coverage. In bed and breakfast sheets and towels are provided)
    • A pair of light walking shoes
    • Space-saving toiletry kit (small samples): Think about biodegradable products
    • A swimsuit (bathing in the river)
    • A family waterproof box for the picnic (the lodges prepare salads), and a box for the rest of the picnic: cheese, cold cuts, biscuits .... as well as your cutlery
    • The IGN map of the 1/25000 hike. We can provide one on site if needed (13 €)
    • A simple card holder


    Please do not exceed the maximum load: 35kg (child included).
    Compact your luggage to make loading easier.

    ► Download the equipment sheet
    We entrust donkeys born from our breeding in which we have confidence, docile and accustomed to hiking. However, we expect you to be careful when there is a child on his back: his reactions, his behaviour, a tree branch ... so many unpredictable things.
    ermanent watchfullness by an adult is therefore essential.

    Important: : Children can ride on donkeys only under the responsibility of their parents.
S.O.S donkeys

    In case of problems due to your donkey: :
    Health problems, hooves, lameness ... that we did not detect before you left, we promise to replace him within the day.

    If you decide to stop the hike on your own behalf, we can pick you up
    (this is a very rare request) on the basis of € 1 per km.
    But you must know, under no circumstances will you be able to claim reimbursement for your hike.

Stay at
the Mas Corbières

Stay at the Mas Corbières

To take a break, take your time. A short stay that combines rest and walks at your convenience…

Transhumance Draille &
Liron Mountain

Transhumance draille & Liron Mountain

Tracking on the paths of transhumance, in an open landscape on all the Cevennes valleys...

Hérault's valley &
small Cévenoles valleys

Hérault's valley & small Cévenoles valleys

Varied landscapes of ridges and valleys to the foothills of the Lingas massif, more at higher altitudes...

Hérault’s valley by
The Aigoual Mount

Hérault’s valley by the Aigoual Mount

The route is between 500 to 1200 meters above sea level. Highest point: Mount Aigoual 1570m...

Transhumance draille & north
valley of the Aigoual Mount

valley of the Aigoual Mount

Crossing the gorges of the Jonte, Dourbie and Trévezel, Causses Méjean and Comeiras...

The Big

The big Adventures

The biggest route connects the Aigoual Massif through the Jonte, Trévezel and Dourbie gorges...

The day before your departure or at the end of the hike the cottages of the Mas Corbières welcome you in a remarkable site ....

In the company of one or more donkeys, between adults, with the family, you go alone or accompanied by a guide ...

We have been breeders for 30 years in this hamlet of the Cèvennes National Park. The "Ane de Provence" breed has been acknowledged since 1995...

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Esprit Parcs Nationaux - Parc National des Cevennes

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